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Are you going to travel? We offer antigen test (rapid test) with answers directly in the mobile.

For those of you who need to show that you have been tested negative for Covid-19. We offer standard certificates both within Europe and globally. The EU certificate meets European requirements for travel documents and is approved by the E-hälsomyndigheten. We also offer certificates for your trip outside Europe.

Antigen test (also called rapid test) is taken at our reception in Uddevalla. The certificate is signed by a doctor and sent digitally the same day. The certificate contains a QR code so you can travel more safely. You can easily download the certificate via Coronafree. If you have a digital mailbox, eg Kivra, it will also be sent there.

520 kr

This is how it works:

Make an appointment

For children under 13 years – please call 0771-35 43 30 or email

Make an appointment

Fill in your details on Coronafree in advance.

Download the Coronafee app or go to
Log in via Bankid. We recommend that you use the Crome browser.

Do you lack a Swedish social security number or mobile bank ID?
If you don´t have a Swedish security number or mobile bank ID, download the Coronafee app or go to
Log in with your google account. We recommend that you use the Crome browser.

Bring your passport to your appointment

Bring the identification you are traveling with – passport or international ID card. The antigen test is taken in the nose to detect infection with Covid-19 and it takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Get the certificate digitally the same day

Download your certificate the same day on Coronafree (via the app or the browser) you have a digital mailbox, eg Kivra, it will also be sent there.

Do you have questions about Coronafree?


The test can be stored in Covidbevis

Hälsobolaget is connected to the E-hälsomyndighetens authority’s e-service Covidbevis. This means that your negative test for covid-19 can automatically be stored in a covid certificate. You can use your covid certificate when traveling in Europe. If you have a digital mailbox, your covid certificate will also be sent to it.

Keep this in mind before booking

• You should be healthy and have not shown any symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks.

• Bring your passport (or if you travel with an international ID card).

• Due to prevailing circumstances with Covid-19, most countries require a certificate stating that the traveler has been tested negative with a PCR test for Covid-19 or antigen test. We are not responsible for the rules that the country you are traveling to has, we therefore advise you to contact your travel agency if you are unsure when the certificate may be issued.